Why travellers choose homestays over hotels after Corona Virus?

What to choose Hotel / Homestay in Jaipur?

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which has greatly affected our lives from office hours to work-from-home, schools to studying on mobile devices. But to experience new cultures and to explore new territories you still have to book a flight or drive your car, visit the city, country you wished to visit. Certainly, after the strict lockdowns imposed now when things have begun to unlock and our travel restrictions being lifted it’s time to tick the places we wrote in our wander list. We all are longing to travel to explore the world once again, to take a break from the monotonous work hours and spend some of our time with the ones who really matter the most in our lives.

A destination well yes you certainly have to choose the city, region, state and country. To decide upon the perfect destination for our travel, it takes a lot of time and resources to discuss and learn about the places which would make it worth the travel after the long-wait of almost a year. Maybe you like beaches, but your partner is more into the cultural trip, or mom has that genuine inclination to a spiritual tour, and dad wants a peaceful break amidst nature. So talk and decide upon the perfect destination which has something to offer for all and trust me India is so vibrant and distinct it won’t turn you down.

Your travel checklist goes as follow –

  1. Transportation –  Yes it is the first step to all the wonderful memories which we would cherish for life. Booking a flight, Nah travel abroad is yet restricted. Let’s choose a cheaper way to book trains, busses and wouldn’t it be best to take your daily ride for a long spin this time. Once the transportation is done comes the next stage
  2. Accommodation – The next step and a crucial one, things have changed since the pandemic and we all need a healthy, rejuvenating, and safe place to stay with our family. And today it doesn’t matter how lavish or comfortable a place is, safety is also a prime concern especially if travelling with young kids or the silver hair group. Here comes the situation where you have to choose between a hotel or a homestay in Jaipur?
  • A hotel has a lot to offer in terms of services and luxury but could you feel safe with like hundreds of people visiting the same lobby, dining area for their dinners. We need a place away from the hustle-bustle and which is more calm, peaceful and not overcrowded since it has been really long you have stepped out and since when you did, it is best to choose a pristine place to relax after your day’s excursion. 
  • We travel to learn, to have new experiences, and what would be a better way to better understand the places we visit, the people we meet on our trip. To get a better understanding of the city or region you visit it is best to stay at a homestay with a local family, who would be more than happy to share with you the minute details, and exciting tradition of the place, which you would have got to know even from TripAdvisor or any other online travel blog/guides.
  • Homestays are a safer and better option when visiting new cities with your family, choosing a homestay where the family lives on the property premises, trust us homestay owners are even more excited to welcome you to their home than any other accommodation business owners would ever be. As the saying goes in India “Atithi Devo Bhav” guests are equivalent to gods, and in India, we cater well to our guests. So rest assured you would be served well and provided with all the luxuries possible.
  • Homestays can be great for your budget, for the personalized services you get in a homestay, it would cost you a deep hole in your wallet if you wanted the same level of attention at a hotel. To have access to almost all parts of the home, to washing machines, microwave, kitchen, and all possible facilities available in the home without any high mark-up prices as charged by hotels and other accommodations.
  • That peaceful feeling of home, and trust me it is priceless having traveled to almost most parts of India, from Leh in the north to Kanyakumari in the south, there were only a few places where I could feel as I was at my home. The peaceful environment, the long dinner conversations, and the warmth and support of the owners will help you sleep in peace as you would back in your home. Indians are certainly friendly and helpful and people across the globe are excited to know about places and cultures, and talking with people from different culture and traditions provide you a brief insight of them and the place they belong.

The best part once in a homestay in Jaipur you don’t have to worry about researching the places to see, or the markets to visit cause no one better knows about the region than a local, and your hosts are always more than happy to assist you in making your travel plans. So leaving all the rest to decide upon the place you wish to visit in 2021 with your loved ones and book a homestay rather than a hotel. Believe me, once you stay in a homestay in Jaipur you would rather choose one for your further travel. Pack your bags and drop a mail to your bosses for the much-needed break with your loved ones.

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